About The Artist



Mokimko Flame is a natural-born Healer, Medium, Witch, Rootworker, Conjure Woman and Psychic of astounding abilities and an international following. She is a master spell caster and energy worker of over 20 years and has a vast knowledge of almost all forms of magical workings, including (but not limited to) Voodoo/Hoodoo, Hindu Magic, Egyptian Magic, Chaos Magic, Wicca, Necromancy, Dream Walking, Santeria, Hatian Vodou, Mind Control, Soul Mastery, Demonology and Sigil Magick, etc.  She is extremely well rounded and known for her “out of the box” approach to everything she does.

Mokimko began making custom magical items and haunted objects many years ago at the repeated request of her clients and popular demand for real/authentic and unique magical items. Making sure every item is one of a kind and extremely powerful,  her magical items have become collectors items all around the world.

The founder and Grand Master of the coven, Witches of Rising Consciousness, Mokimko also strives to expand the knowledge and abilities of others. She is a highly sought after teacher and mentor to select individuals and groups. Her students are brought to higher levels of power and she focuses on the advancement of both individual and group abilities.


Other Artists

I am not skilled at forging metal and therefore work with other artists and resources for things like rings and certain types of other jewelry. However, when this is done, the affiliate artist/resource is only making the normal (non-magical) item. Once in my hands, I turn it into a magical item and spell it according to your specifications as discussed. I am also able to spell an item you may already have in your possession that you want to turn into a magical item.