Amulets & Talismans

Amulets and talismans are magical items worn for certain purposes, such as luck, protection, to attract money, bring you peace, etc. However, the amulets and talismans I make can be made to do just about anything and goes well beyond these normal uses. While also attracting or repelling what you’d like, the amulet or talisman can also contain a spirit, an energy votex, a portal, drain the energy of others, increase your psychic abilities, make others see you in a certain way, and the list is endless! No idea is a crazy idea, so don’t be shy- tell me what you want and I will make it happen! It can be exotic looking or just plain and unnoticeable to blend in. Everything is customized to fit you.

Here are some examples of amulets and talismans I’ve recently done for other clients:

  • Protection Amulet
    Protection Amulet
    This is an amulet made to provide protection against negative energy and people. It also has a mechanism that alerts the client when negativity is approaching when worn.
  • Energy Boost Talisman
    Energy Boost Talisman
    This is a talisman spelled for an overworked client to give her and continued boost of energy throughout the day and to help her be able to get everything done.
  • Danto Protection Necklace
    Danto Protection Necklace
    This is a necklace spelled for a client to provide protection against unseen forces. It contains a Hatian Vodou spirit.
  • Calm Mother Talisman
    Calm Mother Talisman
    This is a talisman spelled for a client to quell her anxiety of motherhood. This talisman was spelled to prevent anxiety attacks and allow her to be a calm, yet nurturing and protective mother.