Crystal Grids

A Crystal Grid is a set of crystals, stones and sometimes other objects that are able to conduct energy in a structure that forms an energy grid. These are spelled with a purpose and the energy continues to be put out into the universe as long as the grid remains active. Crystal Grids are excellent ways to keep a certain type of energy or intention long lasting. Crystal Grids can be made with any intentions, such as protection, love, peace, healing, money, psychic awareness, chakra balancing, mind control, curses, hexes, etc.  All Crystal Grid Boards come with full instructions on how to activate the grid and keep it activated. Channeled symbols and shapes specific to you are carved or wood-burned into each board to give it added power to help direct the energy.

Permanent Crystal Grids
These are Crystal Grids custom-made for you for a very specific purpose. These Crystal Grids are permanent because the stones and other objects do not move. This preserves the energy flow and sacred geometric patterns used to structure the grid. My Permanent Crystal Grids can also contain spirits and many other cool things you can imagine. You will not find anything like these!

Crystal Grid Boards
These are boards that come with or without the stones/objects, depending on your preference. These Crystal Grid Boards are constructed and infused with the power of the general intention or purpose you’d like. It is up to you to organize the stones/objects in whatever pattern you’d like. These are flexible and best suited for those with magical knowledge who may want to slightly change the focus of their grid once in a while.

Here are a few examples done for other clients recently:

  • Prosperity Crystal Grid Board
    Prosperity Crystal Grid Board
    This is a Crystal Grid Board made for a client for continued business success and will continue to bring new customers their way. This also feature orgone technology to amplify the energy of the grid for more powerful and faster results.
  • Happiness Crystal Grid Board
    Happiness Crystal Grid Board
    This is a permanent crystal grid board made for a client to keep someone happy and bring them good luck. An offering shell was added for an herbal mixture for added potency of the grid.