My magical oils are oils made especially for specific purposes of your choice and only work your energy – no one else’s. Unlike other magical oils out there , the oils I make can do much more than just carry magical intent. Again, your imagination is your only limit. Do you want a spirit attached to the oil that will help carry out your intent? Or perhaps you want the oil to operate in a certain way, like activate something when it comes in contact with a particular person?

Although these oils are best used by those having some magical knowledge for the most effective use, I can make special oils for those who have no magical knowledge as well. Magickal oils can be used in various ways. Your imagination is the only limit to how they can be used. Here are some examples, however feel free to be creative and innovative.

  • Dress candles with the oil before doing a spell.
  • Add the oil to an oil lamp.
  • Use it for “laying tricks” by leaving it on a door knob or something else to be touched by the target.
  • Soak fabric in it to make magickal clothing or doll babies.
  • Carry the oil with you in a vial necklace or other vessel.
  • Add it to a mojo bag.
  • Anything else you can think of (feel free to ask for ideas)

Here are some examples of oils I’ve recently made:

  • Various Oils
    Various Oils
  • Destruction Oil
    Destruction Oil
    This oil will bring destruction to any person’s life or situation my client intends.
  • Obsessive Love Oil
    Obsessive Love Oil
    This oil will make a target obsessively in love with the person of my client's choosing very deeply and powerfully.
  • Cursing Oil
    Cursing Oil
    This oil will ensure any curse the client intends for their enemy sticks to the person and is followed through. This oil was formulated to act on commands by the client.
  • War Oil
    War Oil
    This oil will cause war, hate and fighting between 2 people or among a group of people.