Portal Boxes

Want to access beings from other realms? If so, a portal box might be for you! Portal boxes are handcrafted boxes that contain portals to other worlds. Whether you want to access spirits of the dead, demons, nature spirits, angels, aliens or any other types of beings/entities, I can create a portal for you. All portal boxes are custom madeĀ and infused with immense power just for you. I make the actual portals from scratch as well and they are made to only work with your energy.

Safety: All portal boxes come with complete instructions on how to open and close the portals. I also program in special safety mechanisms to prevent any mishaps and keep you in control at all times.

Below are some examples of recently made portal boxes for other clients:

  • Demon & Djinn Portal Box
    Demon & Djinn Portal Box
    This is a portal box made to access both demons and djinn. When pulled through, they automatically loyal to the owner.
  • Alien Portal Box
    Alien Portal Box
    This portal box leads to other worlds in the cosmos and allows you to access and communicate with cosmic beings.
  • Dead and Nature Spirits Portal Box
    Dead and Nature Spirits Portal Box
    This is a double portal box made for a client that gives them access to both spirits of the dead and nature spirits.