Magical powders are very common in the Hoodoo tradition. However, these powders have the ability to go well beyond the potency of tradition. All powders I make are made to work with your energy and your commands only. The powders can be made to do just about anything. As always, your imagination is your only limitation.

*These powders are best used by those with magical knowledge due to the potency of their power. If you do not have magical knowledge, it will be best to instead go with a special oil or other magical item that are just as powerful, but can be made to allow you full control without the need for magical knowledge.

Here are some examples of powders recently made for other clients:

  • Bad Luck Powder
    Bad Luck Powder
    This powder will give the target general bad luck and cause many things at once to start going wrong in the person’s life.
  • Linking Powder
    Linking Powder
    This powder creates a magickal link between my client's target and an object or another person.
  • Mind Control Powder
    Mind Control Powder
    This powder allows my client to instill certain thoughts into someone’s mind.