I can spell a ring to do or contain just about anything you can think of. ¬†Whether you’d like a spirit or entity of some sort to be contained within the ring or you want the ring to give you certain abilities, it can be done!

Here are some samples of rings I have done for other clients.

  • Protection Ring
    Protection Ring
    This ring was made and synced with my client's energy signature to create a force field around the client and keep negative energy and thoughts out.
  • Necromancy Ring
    Necromancy Ring
    This ring allows it's wearer to master spirits of the dead and send them out on tasks for you. It was made to only work with the energy of my client, so if worn by anyone else it will not work.
  • Money Ring
    Money Ring
    This is a ring that attracts money to it's wearer. It not only creates a magnetic affect to attract money, but it will cause others to lose money in order for it end up in your hands.
  • Hell Hound Ring
    Hell Hound Ring
    This is a ring done for a client, which contains a hell hound. The ring can only be activated by the energy of my client. The hell hound was already tamed by me and made loyal to the client prior to arrival.